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Breed Rescue


Since 2008 we’ve helped dozens of Malamutes in need by taking them in to foster care privately and as a volunteer home for the Alaskan Malamute Help League since. We often have a couple of Malamute rescues living with us, and if not, we definitely know where you can find one!

We're committed to finding forever homes for Malamutes in rescue.

Every year dozens of Alaskan Malamutes and Malamute mix-breeds find their way in to rescue. Some of these dogs have health or behaviour challenges but most just started life in the wrong home. The most popular reasons that Malamutes find themselves in rescue is because they shed, weren't trained, grew to be too big, and/or were too strong to control. In short: they ended-up in rescue due to a human error not their own.


If you love Alaskan Malamutes but would prefer not to raise a puppy, please contact us about adopting a rescue.

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