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Our Story

Tonomi is owned and operated by Zoë Quinn-Phillips, Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Alaskan Malamute enthusiast. Her life-long love of dogs has led her down several exciting paths; in 2001 she started Pup Wellness a dog behaviour and care company that continues to thrive. In 2007, she co-founded the PACCK Foundation to raise and train Assistance Dogs for children with Autism, and in 2009 Zoe launched PupMatch, a resource to help connect people with their best dog. That same year Tonomi was born.

Our Story


I met my first Malamute as a teenager but truly fell in love with the breed in 2007. That's the year that, Kisho, an adorable mostly Malamute puppy, from a backyard breeder, joined our family. At the time, we thought nothing of where he came from – we met his parents, played with the litter, and we loved him. Unfortunately, at 6 months old we got the diagnosis of Grade 4 Bilateral Hip Dysplasia. We were gutted. Our sweet baby dog needed multiple surgeries, and months of recovery, just to live a normal life. This was a painful lesson that broke my heart and struck me to my core. As a professional dog lover and advocate, I was blinded by the glaring realization that nothing replaces a responsible and educated breeder when it comes to purebred dogs.


Since then, we have been blessed to have many beautifully bred Alaskan Malamutes in our family. Each one is uniquely themselves, AKC and/or CKC registered, and a lovely representation of who the purebred Alaskan malamute should be. Not all are perfect, we have had two that we'd hoped to breed turn up with health issues. They weren't issues that would prevent them from being amazing pets but they were not something we were willing to breed in to our future dogs. We made the tough but necessary decision: to spay them. They are both now living large as lovingly spoiled family pets.  


Through it all, we've explored the world of Conformation Shows, backpacking, Canine-assisted Therapy, agility, and harness work.  Each of our dogs inspires us in new ways, makes us want to try new things, and brings us so much joy. And the journey has only just begun! 


Our Philosophy


Our commitment to health goes beyond tests and certifications. Optimal health is rooted in a happy, properly nourished body, mind and spirit. Our holistic approach to wellness includes the belief that natural is best whenever possible. We use aromatherapy to scent, treat and strengthen our daily environments. In 2013, we committed to going chemical-free, and have since managed to improve the efficacy of our cleaning. Our spaces are routinely cleaned and disinfected with Thieves Household Cleaner an awesome product made from 100% sustainably-sourced plant and mineral ingredients.




Deciding what to feed your dog, especially a growing Malamute puppy, can be a very confusing and overwhelming decision. We believe in keeping it simple by feeding whole, fresh foods. All of our dogs eat, and our puppies are weaned on to, a raw species-appropriate diet. We've been feeding raw since 2008 and love the results that we have seen in the the physical condition of our dogs. As puppies, eating raw not only supports optimum health and steady growth it provides them a satisfying (and tiring!) outlet for chewing which significantly reduces their desire to chew the wrong things. We know that raw isn't for everyone, so we’re committed to helping you find the best quality grain-free cooked or kibble solution that will help keep your pup thriving.




Alaskan Malamutes are more than just beautiful and impressive looking animals, they should be healthy, powerful and friendly dogs who are eager to learn and work with other dogs and people. Like all dogs, they require lots of positive socialization and training while they are young to lay a strong foundation for their future. Malamutes are a fun breed that demand creativity in their training, not simple repetition. If approached in a way that makes sense to them, they will pay you back infinitely with their love, devotion and drive to work with you. If you try to train them like a Retriever, you’ll be pulling your hair out while your Malamute has a laugh at your expense! Our dogs are successful at many things because we provide them with regular physical exercise, mental stimulation, and positive training. We are generous with our love, time, and encouraging feedback so that each dog feels like valued members of our family. We work in Obedience, Therapy, Conformation, Backpacking, Skijoring and Sledding, spending many weekends traveling to dog shows and competitions.


We require all of our puppy owners to find a Positive Trainer in their area and to take at least two full sessions of obedience and/or dog sports in the first year of their dog's life. Whether it's an obedience, agility, show handling, dock diving, or rally class, Malamutes can do it all and, there is no better way to bond with your puppy than by working together.


We are members of the Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada, the Alaskan Malamute Help League and the Canadian Kennel Club.

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