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vs. Husky

Anyone who spends time with an Alaskan Malmute quickly gets used to being asked, "is that a Husky?" Truth be told, the two breeds may have similar markings but they are not bigger and smaller versions of the same dog. Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies are, in fact, completely distinct breeds with vastly different temperaments. One is not better than the other and each will suit different people and lifestyles.

Alaskan Malamute

  • Large heavy-boned dogs of 75-100lbs+

  • Bigger, rounder, bulkier head like a bear or a wolf

  • Dark brown to gold eyes (never blue)

  • Soft, affectionate and friendly expression

  • Thick double coats with longer guard hairs

  • Friendly dogs, great with kids, who love being with their families

  • Can be same-sex dog-aggressive

  • High prey-drive

  • Tend to be more laid back, medium energy, happy to relax

  • Calculating problem-solvers

  • Escape artist – dig under the fence if bored

Siberian Husky

  • Medium sized lighter-boned dogs of 35-65lbs

  • Smaller, snippier cat-like heads like a fox

  • Blue, brown or mixed coloured eyes

  • Keen, interested and mischievous expression

  • Thick double coats with shorter guard hairs

  • Aloof, not always good with children, can take or leave their people

  • Few issues with dog aggression

  • High prey-drive

  • Tend to be more high-energy, always on the go-go-go!

  • Sneaky problem-solvers

  • Escape artist – jump over the fence just for fun!

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