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Puppies. Nuf Said.

Why We Breed

Tonomi Alaskan Malamutes isn’t a big kennel, we’re a small family of Malamute lovers and our Malamutes are our family. We breed for quality, not quantity, and focus on producing puppies that have excellent temperaments, great health and sound physical structure.

We raise every puppy to be their best.


Responsible breeding is a huge investment of time, energy and resources. We need to know what health issues are behind the breed and each family tree, understanding how they're passed on, and doing our best to never see it in our future dogs. There are no firm guarantees with health and genetics but it’s our job, and the responsibility of everyone who chooses to breed, to make sure that the odds are stacked in favour of our dogs living long, happy and healthy lives. All of our breeding dogs are tested for PN, Cardiac, Elbow, Hip and Eye health. Our goal is to constantly improve upon the past generations.


With our background in dog behaviour, we’re passionate about early socialization and positive training, raising every pup like they're staying with us to work as a future Therapy Dog. We want every Tonomi puppy to leave us prepared, and excited, for whatever life throws at them. Breeding dogs is a labour of love, not a business; there’s no profit to be made when you’re doing it right!


At the heart of it, we want all of our puppies in their perfect forever homes. We encourage our future families to come visit with the puppies but not to fall in love with just one of them! We have the advantage of living with the litter and knowing their parents. We watch closely, interact and observe who they are and what they are likely to be like as adult Malamutes. Matching people to the right dog is a long-time passion of ours and we take pride in our ability to do it well!


All potential Tonomi owners are carefully screened and should be prepared to become members of our extended Malamute family. We don’t disappear when you take your pup home, our support and love for your pup is with you always. We stand behind our dogs for life.


If you’re interested in more information about owning a Tonomi Alaskan Malamute, please contact us.

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