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Me & A


We’re all attracted to dogs, and specific breeds, with our eyes first. We see something we like and we want it, that’s human nature. BUT when it comes to choosing a dog, a living being that will be a part of your life and family for 10-15 years, it’s important that you can be happily “married” to all of your dog’s strengths and weaknesses. Alaskan Malamutes are OUR perfect match, are they yours?

The good...
  • SINGING instead of barking

  • ENTERTAINING with their clowny personalities and sense of fun

  • LOVING their people, other people, kids, strangers, robbers...

  • ENJOYING being versatile and doing a variety of things well

  • WORKING hard and long with their people

  • PULLING powerfully and loving to run

  • EATING less food than other breeds their size

  • THINKING creatively and loving to learn

  • EMBRACING new challenges and adapting to change easily

The not so good...
  • SHEDDING profusely twice a year and requiring regular grooming

  • DIGGING if bored, left unsupervised and untrained

  • CHEWING belongings and dismembering toys without training

  • CHASING cats and small animals without proper socialization

  • BORING easily with repetitive training

  • PULLING like crazy without a constructive outlet and training

  • EATING whatever they can reach, especially if not properly exercised

  • THINKING for themselves without clear leadership

  • GUARDING nothing (except for maybe their food)

If you're thinking about owning a Malamute, please talk to people in the breed and do lots of research to make sure it’s your best match. Don’t be afraid to look around and ask lots of questions. If you find a Malamute “breeder” who charges extra for dogs of "rare" colours and coat lengths, move on to the next one. There is nothing more valuable in coat colours or lengths, this is purely a money-making marketing scheme. And any "breeder" who breeds a lot of different breeds and/or who always seems to have puppies available is a 'red flag' that they may actually be a puppy mill pretending to be a legitimate breeder online.


Bottom Line: You should always feel welcome to visit your breeder, all of your questions should be answered, you should be able to meet their Malamute family, and see their living conditions first hand. Anyone who is reluctant to allow this, is this way for a reason – RUN!



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