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Our Boys

Our Malamutes truly are our beautiful friends. They are loved members of our family who are eager to work and play with us daily. We enjoy seeing our Malamutes excel in whatever we try with them from Therapy visits and the Conformation Ring to working in harness and backpacking. They are everything that Malamutes should be: impressive, strong, healthy, loyal, loving, goofy and friendly.

Tonomi's Sweet Child of Mine


DOB 09/12/15

CKC# - pending

Colour - Silver

Height - growing!

Weight - growing!

Elbows - too young

Hips – too young

PN - N/N (clear/non-carrier)




Koji is the brother of Ejo and Navi from our Grey's litter. This beautiful boy's pale silver coat and gorgeous blocky head made him a stand-out from birth. He's a sensitive guy, used to being led by his gang of sisters, and is just happy to go along for the ride. Koji's soft temperament and easy-going nature truly shines in the presence of kids. He is always the first to approach and happy with whatever they have planned for him.


Koji is an outstanding example of the breed. He has a lovely wedge head with dark almond-shaped eyes, very good pigment, and excellent ear set. He is nicely proportioned from front to back making his movement seamless. His sliver coat is thick and plush like his Poppa, Ekai's. If we had been looking for a male, this boy would have been the answer to our dreams! Instead, we are truly blessed to have him live with writer and editor, Suzanne Purkis, and her family in Ottawa where he will be loved, shown and kept as a member of our future breeding program.


We couldn't have been more proud of how Koji handled himself while participating in the Pup Connect program at the Giant Steps school. He was hugged, squeezed and loved within an inch of his life (not quite literally!) and took it all in perfect stride. We can't wait to watch this gorgeous boy grow and to see how his temperament flourishes as a member of his forever family.


All being good with his development Koji will be available for stud, in late 2017, to approved bitches.

YukonJak's Tonomi Whale Rider CGN


DOB 15/11/15

CKC #BW588978

Colour - Grey Sable

Height - 26"

Weight - 95lbs

Hips - OFA Prelim Good

Elbows - OFA Prelim Clear

PN - N/N (clear)

Cardiac - OFA Clear

CERF - pending

Cone Degeneration - N/N (clear)

DM - N/N (clear)

LC - Carrier

Ekai is our amazing boy that we co-own with his breeder YukonJak  and our sister kennel Slushpuppy Mals. From the minute we met him, at just 10 days old, we knew that he was destined to be ours. Ekai is Mr Fun Guy, he has a heart of gold, loves to cuddle, and wants to please. Ekai is happy to roll with the punches and be along for the ride. His outgoing, engaging, and enthusiastic demeanor make him a natural for the Pup Connect team working with Autistic children.


Larger than the breed standard, Ekai is  an impressive and gregarious boy that makes people stop and want to meet him. He has a great head, that is still maturing, with dark almond-shaped eyes, nice pigment, well set ears and a very sweet expression. He has a full, thick coat and a beautiful plume of a tail. He has generous bone, is nicely balanced, and covers ground with ease. Ekai's temperament is truly a stand-out, especially in his unlimited love for raising and entertaining puppies.


Ekai started his limited show career with a bang earning Best Baby Puppy in Breed  and Best Baby Puppy in Group under long-time and highly-repected Breeder-Judge, Cheryl Patterson, at an Alaskan Malamute Specialty show at 5 months old. At only 7 months old, Ekai earned his Canine Good Neighbour title from the Canadian Kennel Club. At 8 months, Ekai tackled his first agility classes, head-on (in the rain) with nothing but joy and heart. Ekai is spending the winter of 2016 working on his sleddog skills. We are so honoured to have this boy in our family and as our foundation male for our kennel. He's the sire of our Grey's Litter and we are just thrilled with what he produced for us. To know him, truly is to love him.


Ekai is available for stud to approved bitches.

UKC/FCC/FCC Elite/CKC CH Slushpuppy's Blackie Lawless

DOB 30/08/12

CKC - #ZQ472130

Colour - Seal 

Height - 28"

Weight - 105lbs

Elbows - OFA Clear

Hips – OFA Good

Cardiac - OFA Clear

PN - N/N (clear/non-carrier)

Cardiac - OFA Clear

CERF - Clear


Dozer is our gorgeous boy who we co-own with his breeder Slushpuppy Mals in Ontario. Dozer's temperament is everything that we could want in a Malamute - hard working, friendly, and ready to go wherever we lead him with a smile. This boy is a tremendous ambassador of the breed and stops people in their tracks when they see him. We are thrilled to be planning to raise his first litter in 2016 and can't wait to see what he produces! 


Dozer is a show-stopping boy with a large blocky head, beautiful dark eyes and a playful expression. He's over the breed standard but gives the impression of being even bigger than he is. His thick coat stands off nicely, he has a very deep chest, excellent bone, and powerful clean movement. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love and wants to hug him. He's just an all around awesome guy.


Dozer began his show career at seven months by winning a Best of Winners / Best of Breed and one Group First at his first UKC show! He finished his UKC Championship at just 10 months of age with a Group Second. He also finished his FCC Championship at the earliest age he was eligible to compete and earned his FCC Elite Championship in 2015. Dozer has only been shown twice in the US and won his class in an Alaskan Malamute Specialty in 2014. He is currently working towards his 'Working Pack Dog' certificate and has earned several Gold Medals in Weight Pull competitions. In his free time, Dozer loves doing sledding and breed education demos.


Dozer is available for stud to approved bitches.

CAN CH/FCC Elite CH Nyak’s Great Tundra Moose of Tonomi CGC, TDI, CGN, WPD


DOB 15/02/09

AKC#WS29552802 / CKC#1107253

Colour - Dark Grey

Height - 28”

Weight - 110lbs

Hips - OVC Clear

PN - N/N (Clear, non-carrier)

Cardiac - OFA Clear

CERF - Clear

Botan is our handsome boy from Nyak Alaskan Malamutes in Texas. He’s a sweet, loving guy who says hello by leaning on you and is always eager to make you laugh with his goofy nature. He’s a willing team member and loves to run – and boy can he run! Botan’s a strong, powerful and beautifully conditioned athlete who can plough through deep snow, icy conditions, and fallen trees with effortless abandon. He loves the snow and backpacking but also enjoys watching TV, howling along with sirens, and sitting ON your feet.


A tall boy, and larger than the breed standard, Botan has some truly amazing dogs in his pedigree that we hope to pull out in future generations. He has an impressively blocky head, complete dentition, gorgeous eye set and colour, and very good dark pigment. He has a very correct harsh coat that stands-off beautifully and contributes to the overall feeling that he's larger than he is. Botan has very good bone, nice tight feet, and has clean and powerful movement. Overall, he's an impressive boy who exudes strength and good humour.


Botan is a certified TDI Therapy Dog, CKC Good Canine Neighbour, AKC Good Canine Citizen, and Working Pack Dog. He has earned his Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and Federation Canine du Canada (FCC) Elite Conformation Championships and is pointed towards his American Kennel Club (AKC) Conformation Championship.

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